Electronic Poll Books FAQ

What are electronic poll books?
In the past, voting jurisdictions had paper poll books that contained a list of eligible voters in the district or precinct. With the advent of new technology, most jurisdictions have turned to electronic poll pads to improve the process of checking in eligible voters. Denton County uses PollPad supplied by KnowInk, which uses an iPad to check-in voters.

PollPads, which can assist with a number of important functions, make it possible to:

  1. Allow voters to sign in electronically.
  2. Allow poll workers to redirect voters in the wrong location to the correct polling place.
  3. Scan a driver’s license to pull up a voter’s information, avoiding data entry errors.
  4. Ensure voters receive the correct ballot style.
  5. Allow poll workers to look up voters from the entire county. This can reduce time spent checking in voters, one of the bottlenecks in the voting process.
  6. Allow updates of voter history.
  7. Notify poll workers if a voter already voted absentee or during the early voting period.
  8. Produce turnout numbers and lists of who voted.
Are electronic poll books certified?
Yes. Texas is one of only 13 states that require all electronic poll books used in Texas to be certified by the Secretary of State (SOS) on an annual basis (Texas Election Code 31.014). The list of certified poll books, and their certification process, can be found on the SOS’s website
Are electronic poll books connected to the voting system?
No. The PollPad is a stand-alone system that has no connection to the voting system.
Are electronic poll books connected to the internet?
Yes. The PollPad must be connected to the internet. This allows the PollPads to communicate with one another so that all PollPads across the county know that a voter has checked in and voted. During early voting, this prevents someone from voting at more than one location (which could not be done with paper poll books).
Can votes be changed through the electronic poll book?
No. The PollPad is a stand-alone product that has no connection whatsoever to the voting system, contains no vote data, and has no method of communicating with the voting system.
Is the electronic poll book secure?
Yes. All data transmitted by the PollPad is encrypted and is not connected to the voter registration database.
Can anyone tell how I voted from the ticket produced by the electronic pollbook?
No. The ticket produced by the PollPad contains your information (name, address, and precinct) and your ballot style (The style of ballot that has the unique combination of races you are eligible for based on your registered address). There is a barcode at the bottom of the ticket that is scanned so you will receive your correct ballot. The barcode does not contain your personal information, it just tells the printer which ballot to print for you.

The ticket is kept by the poll workers for backup proof of check-in.

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